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Predator Calls
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A lot of these calls have been sold already, but the ones that are still available will say so and a price will be listed! If you see something you like and it's sold I can custom make that call for you!
Closed Reed Calls
Agatewood Dymondwood Rabbit Distress SOLD!
Applejack Dymondwood Rabbit Distress SOLD
Applejack Dymondwood Rabbit Distress AVAILABLE $18
Bumblebee Dymondwood Rabbit Distress SOLD
Camo Dymondwood Rabbit Distress SOLD!
.Camo Dymondwood Rabbit Distress SOLD!
Camo Dymondwood Rabbit Distress SOLD
Bocote Rabbit Distress 
Bocote Coaxer Rodent/Bird Distress 
Carnival Dymondwood Rabbit Distress 
Dakota Dymondwood Rabbit Distress 
Desert Camo Dymondwood Rabbit Distress SOLD
Holiday Holly Dymondwood Rabbit Distress SOLD
Katalox Coaxer SOLD!
Magnum Dymondwood Rabbit Distress SOLD!
Magnum Dymondwood Rabbit Distress SOLD!
Mulberry Dymondwood Rabbit Distress SOLD!
White Oak Rabbit Distress SOLD!
Olympic Dymondwood Rabbit Distress SOLD!
Pinata Dymondwood Rabbit Distress 
Pistachio Rabbit Distress SOLD!
Raspberry Twist Dymondwood Rabbit Distress SOLD
Acrylic Molten Metal Rabbit Distress 
Raspberry Twist Dymondwood Rabbit Distress SOLD!
Timberland Dymondwood Rabbit Distress SOLD
Twilight Dymondwood Rabbit Distress SOLD!
Walnut Rabbit Distress SOLD!
Open Reed Distress Calls
Applejack Dymondwood SOLD
Cocobolo SOLD!
Dakota Dymondwood SOLD!
Marblewood SOLD
Osage Orange 
Bocote SOLD
Hot Pink Dymalux SOLD!
Raspberry Twist Dymondwood SOLD!
Camo Dymondwood 
Agatewood Dymondwood SOLD
Stabilized Curly Maple Rabbit Distress Available 
Barnwood Dymondwood Rabbit Distress Available SOLD
Cobalt Acrylic Rabbit Distress Available SOLD
Cobalt Acrylic SOLD!
Violet & Bronze Acrylic SOLD!
Russet & Bronze Acrylic SOLD!
Russet Acrylic Rabbit Distress 
Violet & Bronze Acrylic Rabbit Distress 
Abalone Acrylic SOLD
Cherry Cheesecake Acrylic SOLD
Desert Oasis 
Peeps & Super Peeps 
The Ultimate Bird & Rodent Distress. Super Peeps Are shaker calls that really send out a wild bird distress! DISCONTINUED As Of 4/1/2013