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  • Bandit Brew 4 oz

    Last years break out lure on the Coon Juice lineup is ready to put plenty of coon in the truck this season too! Sweet smell of Bandit Brew will keep raccoons coming all season long!

  • Beaver Juice

    The perfect mix of territorial lure and feeding lure that brings in the flat tails! 4 oz bottle

  • Bitumen X Blend 4 oz

    Same great scent of the original Bitumen Blend, only with a lot more punch. The ultimate mountain coon lure. Tested and made for mountain raccoon trapping!

  • Black Label

    The newest addition to the Coon Juice lineup. Black Label is like nothing else you've ever smelled in a trapping bait. Once you go black, the coons keep coming back! 4 oz. bottle

  • Blue Thunder

    Blue Thunder is a loud, sweet smell that drives raccoons crazy. Known to bring in the big boars!

  • Cherry Bomb 4 oz

    Our newest flavor, Cherry Bomb is the ultimate all season call. This lure does wonders in early season and can easily become your favorite go to lure!

  • Gray Juice 4 oz.

    The ultimate K( lure as seen on Facebook and YouTube videos! Special blend of ingredients that send any fox or coyote into a frenzy. Works on raccoons and bobcats too!

  • Nut Job 4 oz.

    Nut Job triggers a raccoon's feeding instincts in the fall season during the time when acorns begin to be a major food source!

  • Original X Blend 4 oz

    The original blend scent that started it all, now with an extra long range punch that'll bring in coons from miles around!

  • Razzle Dazzle 4 oz

    Sweet raspberry smell great for early season raccoons and will surprise you with late season results

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