Field Staff
In late 2013, I decided to add a Field Staff. The intentions of this field staff was like no other out there in the industry today. This group of guys and gals were chosen not based on the numbers of kills, but rather on the way they have given back to their respective communities and the sport of hunting and have the mindset to give back to the sport and help promote hunting in a positive way. These individuals in no way are influenced to promote my calls, although most choose too!
Pro Staff

Darin Hosier                        Gabe Piselli                    Mike Barry
Cliff Martin                           Aaron Raby                    Ben Ocker
Jimmy Bechtold                  Casey Hays                    AJ Duran
Chad Christiansen              Brian Knapp                    Dan Campbell
Chris Klinger                       Greg Tysseland              Joe Freybler
Jon Schultz                        Ruben Olivas                   Clint Davisson

​Field Staff

Bryce McVicker                    Mitch Mackey                Brad Ries
Jesse Seelhoff                     John Billet                      John Herrera
Andrew Neidigh                    Brent Reece                  Dalton Frierson
Austin Foster                        Kyle Helm                      Jason Humphreys
Bryan Daniel                        Rick Lightner                  Chris Hill
Tony Cook                           Daniel Shortridge           David Swarter
Tyler Plessinger                   Jim Anderson                Katie Snyder
Jake Morales                        Tony Torrez                  Eric Hamilton
Jake Clevenger

Coon Juice Field Staff

Chris Kilnger                        Casey Hays                    Dan Campbell
Jimmy Bechtold                    Ben Ocker                     Brian Knapp
Jeremy Frye                        Dylan Everhart                Brian Getz